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Rocky Ridge Digital - Website Designer
Small Business Website Design + Branding
Small Business Website Design + Branding

Small businesses thrive on their skill, community reputation, and online presence. A key thing that most small businesses are overlooking is how they are perceived online! 

First impressions are EVERYTHING - especially when it comes to your brand and website. Do you show up as an industry leader online?


If not, it's time to invest in your best marketing tool.

At Rocky Ridge Digital we specialize in building brands and transforming small businesses with strategy and design. Let us show you around our services, the process, and frequently asked questions.

Let's get creative

Local Website Designer - Enumclaw, WA
we are here for the small business owners who want more


Website Design

strategy meets aesthetic

You want a website that works for you... not against you!

A website that turns visitors into clients, keeps your brand one step ahead of the competition and positions you as an industry leader.


When you partner with Rocky Ridge, we'll create a website that's built with strategy and amplifies your aesthetic. Our designs are built on a responsive platform and custom tailored to show off your style.

Your professionally designed website will build trust with visitors, convert leads faster, and truly work for you while you are working on other aspects of your business.

  • + 30 minute strategy call

    + 6 custom designed pages

    + Custom colors and fonts uploaded

    + Responsive design for mobile

    + Stock photo sourcing (if needed)

    + Image optimization (resizing)

    + Keyword industry research

    + Basic SEO setup

    + Custom lead capture forms

    + 2 rounds of revisions

    + 1:1 support duration of the project

    + Domain setup and connection

    + Google Search Console connection

    + Website training

    + 1 week post launch support

    + MORE...

  • Our custom website designs typically take between 6-8 weeks, depending on the scope of work!

    Week 1: Onboarding + Strategy

    Week 2: Design + Copywriting

    Week 3: Design + Copywriting

    Week 4: Design + Copywriting

    Week 5: Feedback + Revision 1

    Week 6: Feedback + Revision 2

    Week 7: Launch + Training

    Week 8: Post Launch Support

  • Starting at $2,500 - download our latest Pricing Guide for complete details, or book a free Discovery Call and we'll give you a custom proposal!

Wix Website Designer


Brand Design

logo meets industry leader
Custom Website Designer
Are you ready to become an industry leader ?

frequently asked

  • How much does a professional website design cost?
    There is a very broad range for website design cost, and it really does depend on your industry, the scope of what functionality you need, what level your business is at... the list goes on. At Rocky Ridge Digital, we design websites for small business owners and entrepreneurs that are ready to elevate their business. A custom website design with us starts at $2,500. You can download our latest pricing guide - this lists everything included in the investment and the design process, making it easy to understand what you are truly getting for your money.
  • When will my project start and how long will it take?
    We typically book projects 1-2 months in advance, with a deposit to secure the project start date. You can schedule your free Discovery Call here, and we will go over all of these details together before a custom proposal is sent to you! Website designs generally take anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on the scope of the work. This will be evaluated in the Discovery Call as well to give you a better idea!
  • Will I be able to edit my website when it is finished?
    Absolutely! At Rocky Ridge, we design websites for small business owners - meaning we understand that you want to be able to do some things on your own. We build all of our websites exclusively on Wix, allowing you to easily make changes in their drag and drop editor. As part of our off-boarding process, we also offer a 1 hour video call to go over your site, show you around and answer any questions you may have.
  • Are your website designs mobile friendly?
    The custom websites we build are fully responsive, meaning they look great on ANY screen. In the design process we go through both tablet and mobile screen sizes to ensure your site is set up for success anywhere, at anytime.
  • Can you just edit my current website?
    The short answer; no. We don't work within sites that are already created (unless we created it for you) because we simply have no idea what we are walking in to. If we did this, it could cost more than our custom website design package - just based on the amount of hours we would need to fix/change things to meet your goals. We believe in building a site from the ground up, ensuring all best practices are implemented and you truly get a website that represents your business (and doesn't look like it was pieced together).
  • Can I add a store or blog to my website?
    Absolutely - we can iron out the details on your free discovery call, and create a custom proposal for you!
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Absolutely! We understand small businesses need flexibility, and we are here to offer that.
  • Why do I need multiple logo formats?
    Your brand designs will come in many different formats, each serve a different purpose! Using these different formats will come in handy when you want to get a large sign made, or if you want to upload your logo to Pinterest. Both need to be drastically different sizes and color formats to perform successfully. We recommend saving the entire logo suite in a safe place so you can always access it, as we only store files for up to 1 year in our client project folders. AI - The native Adobe Illustrator file. PSD - Native Adobe Photoshop file (if used). EPS - Vector file great for printing, this file can be scaled without losing resolution. PDF - small than an EPD and prints well for smaller scale projects. Best for sending through email too. JPG - Best for posting on the internet, website, social media, etc. PNG - Best for us on the internet as well, but provides a transparent background.
  • Do I own the rights to my brand and website at the end of the process?
    Once the project is complete and all payments have been processed, you are the owner of all deliverables. Rocky Ridge Digital is allowed to use the designs created for portfolio and social media purposes, but your brand and website cannot be sold to another party.

You want a brand that's as real as you, your craft and the clients you serve. A brand that's impactful and speaks to your ideal client directly. A brand that positions you as an industry leader. Were we dive into industry research, creating a brand that is unique and appealing, but built with intention. 

Our custom brand designs are all of that and more. We use colors, fonts, images and more to visually communicate who you are and strategically position you at the top of your field.

  • + Strategy Call

    + Primary Logo

    + Secondary Logo

    + Submark (icon)

    + Branded Pattern

    + Mood Board

    + Custom Color Palette

    + Font Pairings

    + 2 rounds of revisions

    + High-resolution file suite

    + Brand Guidelines PDF

    + MORE...

  • Our custom brand designs typically take between 4-6 weeks, depending on the scope of work!

    Week 1: Onboarding + Strategy

    Week 2: Concept

    Week 3: Design

    Week 4: Feedback + Revision 1

    Week 5: Feedback + Revision 2

    Week 6: Final File Download

  • Starting at $750 - download our latest Pricing Guide for complete details on packages, or book a free Discovery Call and we'll give you a custom proposal!

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