Rocky Ridge is a creative company tucked away in the foothills of Enumclaw, Washington. Serving small business owners across Washington, Idaho and Montana. Specializing in website design, logo design, graphic design, and brand design for small business owners.

Here at Rocky Ridge Digital we strive to create innovative solutions for small business owners, create awareness in the local community, and help achieve brand success. Additionally, having experience with various digital marketing strategies, and specialization with small business management; we are the perfect step to help your business start and grow in the digital space.

Along with digital success, building a business in your local community requires brand consistency. From logo creation and print design to designing a new website, you will be seen and heard on all fronts! We believe in creating a strategy that reaches your customers at every touch point, while being consistent.





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Creating effective website designs for small businesses is one of our greatest strengths. With design and functionality in mind, we create websites that are easy to use but also accentuate the company’s brand. Each design we create is unique to that customer and their brand, but is inclusive of marketing strategy that drives lead conversions. Using the background we have in digital marketing, we create websites to act as a tool for the consumer. Providing easy access to menu items and clear contact options are examples of this.

Mobile optimization is crucial for your digital success. Almost 50% of online users reach websites from their mobile device. We ensure the website is functional for users on any device with any screen size. The best part about the websites we design, the mobile option isn’t created separately! We format the content to fit any screen size, meaning your content will look identical to the desktop version.


When starting a new business venture or expanding your current small business, the first impression is EVERYTHING. Your logo speaks volumes about your business, your brand and should represent YOU. 

Creating logo designs is one of our favorite things to do, especially for local small businesses! Incorporating different graphics, color schemes, and fonts can really pull your brand in a specific direction.

Here at Rocky Ridge Digital, we have designed logos for many different types of businesses. From elegant esthetician logos, to professional consulting logos, all the way on the other side of the spectrum to rustic outdoor themed logos.

Looking for a logo designer in Enumclaw, WA? Check out our logo designs here.

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The best part about building a successful brand is the design and the way it makes you feel! The way your brand looks will give off a vibe that should intrigue consumers and make them feel confident in your services. At Rocky Ridge Digital we strive to encompass everything your brand is, into the design. From color scheme to product layout, we ensure the finished product will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! Whether your brand is cool, calm and collected – or quirky and out of the box; we can create your vision.

Being able to market your brand on paper and online, is a great advantage. At Rocky Ridge Digital we have experience designing in both arenas. We have done everything from billboards, brochures and flyers all the way across the spectrum to header graphics on Youtube, digital ads and email templates.

We love doing small projects and big projects, so don’t hesitate to bounce your ideas around with us. We love connecting and networking with local businesses, be sure to follow us on social media!

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Building a brand for your business nowadays is all DIGITAL. Back in the day you would create a newspaper ad, a billboard or a commercial to reach your audience. While you may still use traditional media today, reaching a huge segment of your audience is going to be online. When do you see anyone without their phone, tablet or laptop in hand? Very very rarely.

Social media has blown up within the last 10 years, specifically for small business owners in the last 5 years. Reaching people in your area locally or even nationally is now easier than ever. Being able to tag your business in a specific city and advertise your business to a specific demographic. Social media is just another tool to gain attention and customers, and in return gain SALES!

Here at Rocky Ridge Digital, we help small business owners set up their social media accounts efficiently (a lot of steps can get lost, effecting your business visibility). We also specialize in social media advertising. We offer insight on “How To” be effective on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Be sure to follow us on social media for small business tips and tricks. We love networking and seeing other small business owners succeed.


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The value of having unique creative content on your website as a small business owner is huge. Providing consumers with the information they came looking for on your site, will increase your conversion rate and build a sense of trust. Consumers search the internet for answers and serving them with easy to navigate, valuable information presented in a creative way is the best way to take them from consumer to CUSTOMER.

Creating content is one of our favorite things to do, especially when including graphics! Landing pages are essential to explaining in detail, what you do, how you do it and proof that you are awesome at it. When creating content for small businesses, we focus on an effective layout first and foremost.

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