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Why you need a website even when you are SO busy!

why you need a professional website

I know what you are thinking… “I am so busy, I can’t handle anymore leads!”

As a fellow business owner, I love hearing that you are consistently booked and your business is thriving! But as your marketing bestie, I am here to give it to you straight.

You need a website, even when you are BOOKED and BUSY!

While the main purpose of your website is *usually* collecting leads, it can also serve as a tool to show your authority in the market, build an email list and connect with your current clients.

Often times small business owners hardly do any marketing when the “getting is good” and then they frantically try to throw up some social media posts and ads when business starts to slow down. #1 mistake in marketing your small business - not being consistent.

Your website can serve as a long term consistent marketing strategy, and changing your call to action is an easy way to keep the “stressful” part of having a website at bay.

If your website is built with strategy, and a call to action that actually fits your goals at the time… you shouldn’t have ANY added stress, or tasks to your plate.

I have listed out a few easy call to actions to switch up your website when you are in different seasons of business!

Call to action for BOOKED + BUSY

-Email list sign up


-Free download

-Follow social medias

Call to action for slowing down / need more business

-Schedule appointment or discovery call

-Inquire about a specific service

Additionally, ranking in Google search takes time and consistency. Google favors websites that are updated frequently, and have relevant information to share.

Building a website while you are booked solid will give you the opportunity to grow your organic reach and really build a solid foundation for when things start to slow down - this will help you keep a consistent flow of leads, instead of having these high peaks and low valleys.

So if you are in your busy season, and you keep saying “I don’t need a website, I’m too busy to manage it” - think of future you, and when the market might slow down or you hit one of those valleys… it’s better to build your foundation when it’s sunny, instead of in a snow storm.


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Lizzy Keller

CEO + Designer + Marketing Expert

Founder of Rocky Ridge Digital, Lizzy is a successful entrepreneur. With over 8 years of experience in the marketing field, she helps small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their online presence and grow their business through creative design.



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